Where did you learn photography?
My first job was in a portrait studio at age 16. I then studied photography in college, at countless workshops and by assisting/producing for various photographers over the years, most notably Al Satterwhite, the Nikon legend.
What other kinds of photography have you done?
I was mostly involved in the advertising and music industries prior to weddings. If it weren't for one of my contacts at A&M records asking me to shoot her wedding, I might still be shooting that type of work. Who knew this could be so fun and rewarding?
Were you always a photographer?
I have been involved in this business in one way or another for my entire adult life. Along with being behind the camera I also spent many years modeling and acting in television commercials. That experience taught me how to work with people on camera.

A partial list of national commercials:
What else should people know about you?
I did professional standup comedy and improv for a number of years. Little did I know that that experience would prepare me to be a better wedding photographer. I am now confident that I can walk into a roomful of strangers and get them laughing.
Tell me something unexpected.
I became ordained on the internet and am certified to conduct wedding ceremonies in the State of California. I believe that would make me the ultimate 2 for 1 photographer. I can only imagine the shots I could get from that angle.
Where was the most beautiful wedding you ever photographed?
I have photographed weddings in over 20 different cities, in 5 different countries, on 3 different continents and I have loved them all (well, there was that one....). To me it isn't the location that is beautiful but the spirit of the couple.
Where have your wedding images appeared?
Television appearances: Published in: