I have never hired a photographer and I don't know what questions to ask.
More important than asking questions is merely having a conversation. You know what you like and you don't like. See if the photographer feels the same way. The importance of matching personality and passion cannot be over emphasized. Who could be more important to click with than the person you will be spending the most important day of your life with?
Why does your photography look different to me?
I am trying to create images that you feel rather than just look at. To do that I use a combination of different digital and film cameras, which vary with each job. Digital technology, of course, is phenomenal and makes up the bulk of almost any job, but I like incorporating other cameras and techniques to help tell a compelling visual story when appropriate. I think it is fun to mix it up once in awhile. I have even been asked by some cinematographer and photographer clients to shoot all in film, which I am happy to do. In those cases, I sit down with them and discuss actual film stocks and processes so that it becomes more of a collaborative effort. And even in those cases they still get digital files, since film can be scanned when processed, allowing for all of the cool digital techniques.
So, do you use more than one camera?
Yes, and the number changes every time I walk out the door since every situation is different. I love the look of infrared images, for instance, which are the sepia images that look very ethereal, but not every situation is conducive to using it. I scout most jobs prior to the wedding day so I can start building a storyboard in my head and bring the assortment of tools that I think will work the best.
Why don't you have prices on your website?
There are too many factors to address in a simple way. A wedding with 6 people at the courthouse tomorrow is going to be a lot different than 400 people at a San Francisco hotel next June.
Why are the prices so different with all photographers?
As with most professions, experience is what you are paying for along with vision and style. A seasoned professional who has worked with high profile clients in every conceivable lighting situation is going to be in higher demand than a new photographer building their book. It is the difference between expecting great images and hoping for great images. Basically, you are paying for peace of mind.
How long do you typically stay at a wedding?
I am unique in that I do not offer packages with the number of hours restricted. I couldn't imagine telling a client in the middle of a beautiful moment that my time is up and I am leaving. I want to capture that moment, not run away from it. Who knows when that moment will happen? I certainly don't, but I want to be there when it happens.
Do you shoot engagement photos?
Yes, and I include them for every wedding I am hired to shoot. I want to spend as much time with clients before the wedding as possible. The closer I get to them the more comfortable they will be with me during their wedding day and that translates into much more intimate moments being captured. I am looking for iconic images from a wedding day and that process starts a long time before the actual day itself.
Do you give any discounts?
I have discounts for clothing optional events and polygamists. If you are planning on having 35 wives you deserve a discount.